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From task lighting to overhead lighting, Spectrum can ensure your employees have what they need to increase their productivity.

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The right roadway lighting will offer drivers a clear view of what lies ahead, ensuring their safety.

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Spectrum Lighting can work to find the right color temperature to help you highlight your cases and bring color, cut, and clarity of your gems and fine timepieces.

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Spectrum Lighting can help keep your guests comfortable as well as developing the right ambiance for your hotel.

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Spectrum Lighting will provide the best lighting solutions for both doctors and patients in your hospital.

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Spectrum Lighting can help you provide your customers with their best dining experience by creating the right atmosphere and making your food more appealing.

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Proper lighting from Spectrum can keep your warehouse well-lit and comfortable to better store and access your products.

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With Light Done Right your products will jump off the shelves and highlight the freshness of your food.

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We can help you create a warm and welcoming space for shoppers with the right lighting for your products and your budget.

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Wholesale distributor of quality, commercial and industrial lighting products, and provider of energy saving solutions, since 1979.